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Looking for a slaughter map

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Hello, I am looking for a specific map. It's a slaughter map consisiting of a very large / long corridor in an open area caged in. You basically press a button and a huge wall slides down revealing about 200 zombiemen , then the next wall 200 shotgun zombies and a shotgun, then about 400 chaingun zombies with a chaingun etc. all the way to cyberdemons with a final room with revnants and archviles before a few more cybies then finish. I absolutely love the map and i've lost the wad containing it.


I can't remember if it's part of a larger wad pack. It could be stand alone. I can't remember. I sort of remember it being level08, but maybe not.


Any help would be greatly recieved.


I am a fan of slaughterfest maps, just killing 3000 monsters in co-op is something I really like. I know not everyone agrees but nvm.


Also is the Zdaemon online multiplayer server down? I can't log in these days. I could maybe find it from there... I love Invasion UAC online haha. 

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I'm no expert and am probably wrong, but that sounds a lot like Hell Revealed 1 or 2. Not entirely sure but hopefully that points you in the right direction.

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Thanks for the info, i'll check it out.

No I live in China. The internet is notoriously shocking here. VPNs fail, I did have zdaemon working about a year ago, but they've changed connections etc.


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Yeah I remember that wad, it's not that. Might be in followup coopbuilds, I'll keep looking. It's an outdoor huge map. 

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