Hello my homies.   Back in 2011 I started screwing around in Doom adding "Metroid Enemies" to the game. I didn't know much about Doom modding at the time, my only other Doom mod being something I made back in the mid-nineties so it was pretty crap. After playing "6 Golden Souls 2" I got an itching to make Doom maps and decided to finish my Metroid Doom mod and now here it is.   I didn't know how to do a pk3 thing so I just did it like I always did and just replaced stuff in the original wad file (I used TNT Evilution as a base) and added a dehacked file for random stuff. You need to run two wads and a deh file.   IMPORTANT INFORMATION!   PORT: GZDoom version g3.4.1. Requires Freelook, Jumping and crouching. IWAD used: TNT Evilution   CONTENTS: A new map (it's a little big), new graphics, sounds, music and decorate stuff. GAMEPLAY THEMES: It's a "metroidvania". Get items to backtrack into places you couldn't get before until you win. DIFFICULTY: Yes. Play on "Metroid Hunter" difficulty for a normal challenge. Save often. There are no auto-saves. The game might seem too difficult if you don't use your     map to look for Energy Tanks and Missile Expansions.   The map can be pretty dark at places (Green Brinstar mostly) so I recommend playing it in a dark room.   Mod Database download: Spram's Metroid Doom Temporary download: Spram's Metroid Doom I uploaded it to the /idgames archives but it might be rejected for so much copyrighted material.   Here's a video:   I know there is a Metroid Doom project called Metroid: Dreadnought. My wad is not meant to replace it or be THE Metroid Doom wad. I did this for myself because it's fun.   The arm-cannon image makes me uneasy. I took it from a google image search thinking it was the one used in Metroid Prime but it's from a mod (more info: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/qtod/Metroid-Prime-Arm-Cannon-3ds-obj-etc/1/). I couldn't contact WNxKraid to ask for permission, but I didn't want to throw away all the files I created from the original image. What I mean is: I'm not taking credit for the arm-cannon base image because I didn't make it. I stole it just like I stole all those Metroid sprites and Metal Gear Solid Textures.   YOU CAN HELP! Do you like this but think it could be better? Things I wish someone else would make: Working Morph Ball (no arm cannon when crouching, use bombs) , pk3 format, custom UI, other stuff. If you think you can do this, then please do it. I'm done with this wad, if you want to screw with it (or make new maps) then go ahead.