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scaling textures on models (so they repeat)



I was making some models of very primitive shapes, where i am replacing geometry and scenery itself with models.

Can i change the texture scaling anyhow on my model AFTER the UV map stuff is done and it's exported from blender etc?

It's like i'd like say 4x of this texture to repeat across the slanted roof.... I'm trying to merge my models seamlessly with the surrounding textures.

My hack answer at the moment is building giant textures... sure i can make a basic script but i'm ending up with a 512x512 roof texture bulging up to 100KB and imagine maybe the graphics card would prefer it the other way to.



Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 15.38.42.png

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UV mapping is texture scaling is UV mapping. If you want the roof texture to tile, you'll need to make them tile during UV mapping. It's literally the part where you tell how the texture is applied, binding texture coordinates to vertices.

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thanks yeah i might try to ask a blender question stack exchange, sorry i just thought there might be a way of scaling it in gzdoom

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What does your UV map in texture look like?


Nnm. I see that you were set on doing this in engine.

Edited by Clay

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thanks for your attention, upon reflection i figured i was on the way to the answer (i'm learning blender)

i found some video and saw you could just "S" for scale on the UV map view, and then hold ctrl down for a grid snap (allowing you to set 4x for example easily).... suddenly it all fell into place, you can drag the UV maps other ways actually to do things like reverse the texture.

i think that you can use UV maps to cause scaling AND actually make them render the texture in reverse on one side.... it means really it's entirely forgivable that GZDoom doesn't support this scaling... because it wouldn't even be able to come close to what you can do with editing the UV map.

so yeah i wanted to do it in engine, that's pointless now :)

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