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I need a program or a way that logs the access history for selected files. I only want to know if the files were accessed(read, modified) by any program/application since time xx:xx or since the start (basically I specify the start/beginning of logs). Basically the info I need is this:

These files were accessed since the start:



Doesn't matter which program accessed them or at what time.

Any help?

I am on windows 10 by the way.

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Modification of files can be detected by just looking at their modification / mutation date in Explorer. Right-click on the Explorer header to see available options if mutation date isn't already shown as default. Observing read access needs some significant mojo. Trying to do this for an entire Windows 10 installation is ludicrous, if not retardedly paranoid. Seek help, or just smack your little brother if he overwrites your savegames again.

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