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$100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

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OMG. I literally didn't see this until slightly less than an hour ago. I'm not a speedrunner, I don't know this level like the back of my hand, and I doubt I could have won this contest even if I did notice the thread when it was posted...but... $100 would have been nice. $15,000 would have been better, as I could have paid the bulk of my college debt.

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1 hour ago, Linguica said:

I will never do this again!


Edited by Danfun64

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On 10/29/2018 at 2:54 PM, Doomkid said:

Well jeez now I desperately want Memfis to pull a Rocky here and win in the upset of the decade. Come on Mem, don’t let us down (or do, whichever you prefer)

Does this mean Mem both pulled a win in an upset and simultaneously let us down? I have to say I’m surprised by this outcome! I hope it’s not what it seems..


Well done Looper! I thought this contest was really fun to watch. Thank fuck I wasn’t tasked with running it though.

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Haha, this thread now has a bit of everything! All it lacked was a last-minute submission with -respawn and -fast - which as far as I can tell from the stated rules would have been legitimate.


2 hours ago, therektafire said:

its only been within the past year or so that people have been making any actual effort to crack down on cheaters, who knows how many runs of even Doom have been cheated before?

Just for the record, this statement is utterly false.

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I have to say, well done and congratulations to @Looper for the $100 win. And also glad I participated in this challenge, so I say GG to that as well.



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Thanks everyone for cheering and making it fun. Thanks for the money. The idea of this challenge was excellent. Many routes to choose from, lot of fine tuning and thinking. Too bad it ended this way.

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the prospect of money makes people do undignified things.


Hah. Literally the first money-based event after the rulings come in and Liguica's statement above already rings true.


Well played Looper! Congratulations on your earnings. :)

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15 hours ago, rdwpa said:





14 hours ago, Linguica said:

Several other people who are more familiar with demos than I am say they cannot think of any reason why this would be a legit sequence of inputs. If you cannot offer an explanation for how you, the person pressing the keys, could have done this, then I can only conclude you cheated, by re-recording the demo and resuming control at that particular point, because you want to win the money.


13 hours ago, Memfis said:

No, I can't describe details of game inputs, so your conclusion should stand. For possible future challenges I suggest using ports with more verifiable formats to avoid such situations.


Would Memfis have been Machiavellian enough to purposely cheat in order to get PrBoom+ removed as a permissible port for future contests? (Future contests may never happen, but that's a different story.)


Either way, congratulations @Looper on your victory!

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You can check my failed demos here (to give some legitimacy if someone wonders). It has ALL of my attempts. Some 99% in 37. Some 36(!) seconds but with a bit more missed. Yeah, I did not organize them at all, so have fun... though the demo file size might give you a clue if it is an exit or not. I think in couple runs I got stuck to demons and used IDFA(HAX!!!) to see my item %, so those will desync near end of the demo. Also, I think some IDCLIP used in some of the nomo attempts as I didnt bother with one line def skip every time.


(LV18--358.lmp was my first 38 s)


And yeah, thanks again.


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as pointed out before this was an awesome and interesting event!

sadly I saw it just now otherwise I would have given it my try without looking at other demos first simply to see what everybody comes up with.


I do not want to comment on fishy things that might have happened or not have happened but I want to point out something this event seemed to be looking for:


if this event wanted to attract or at least put a spot light on speedrunning why shouldn't we add this contest as a new category in speedrunning? over 100% endscore?

as soon as it will be accepted I would go through all doom2.wad maps (obviously) and look for the best routes I could think of.

Imagine being again in the position to think through new routes in our beloved (original) maps?


thank you linguica for this!


P.S.: now that I think of it I will record demos with >100% endscore no matter they will be accepted or not, I simply do not want to miss that fun and will scratch that dust off my doom2.exe!

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