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haruko haruhara

miku doom 2 yes thats right

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Oh wait, you said music wad, I thought it's a map. 


I asked about screenshots.


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For how much I like Hatsune Miku, I don't find that the upbeat happy music you choose fits very well with Doom.

If the musical score was all like in the chords of MAP13 music, or a darker tune like "can't I even dream?" It could be better...

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well i just had choose what i liked an i did not just add happy music i had added love is war  Pudding Annihilation rolling girl an all that i just wanted to do something different but people are not gonna like it but i at least there is gonna be some people that might like my music wad

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Man, map22 is annoying even with Rolling Girl in the background.


idk what any of these other songs are, but Rolling Girl is good. Why is she rolling? We don't know.

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i love all of the songs that i had put in  this wad


2d dream fever an


love is war an


Pudding Annihilation an



rolling girl


are my favorite hatsune miku songs of all time                              they might be a update to this wad sometime new songs are gonna be added

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