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Speed Session: Impromp2: Blood of Heretics who Think Hexen is Bad

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Following the success of Impromptu DM, we are going to have another speed session for FFA. This time, we're going to catch that Halloween vibe by sticking to themes from Hexen, Heretic, Blood, and Doom. You aren't limited to the stock textures though - just try to catch the feeling by lighting, textures, architecture, and decorations.


Map goals: Aim for approx 4-8 players size wise. Doesn't have to be very big at all. Check out the previous Impromptu Dm to see good map sizes, they were pretty reasonable. Quality Control: We will playtest this weekend. Deadline for completed maps: Oct 31. The sooner you submit a layout, the sooner you can get feedback on it and start detailing it. Detail level doesn't have to be spectacular but don't make it shitty or I will throw it in the garbage even though it's only a speed session. If you want to use an old layout you had around, that's fine, I support environmentalism by encouraging reducing (effort), re-using (ideas), recycling (layouts).


This set will be aimed at Zandronum and up, so as long as Zandronum supports the feature you want to use, it's good to go.


Weapons! This time we get some slightly different weapons, courtesy of Michaelis. The rocket launcher has been replaced by the Bloodscourge, but it fires like rockets (1 ball, no homing), a Sapphire Wand for pistol replacement (you can use pistol spawns!!!!!!!), a buffed WraithVerge as a BFG alternative (doesn't replace, so you can pack them together), a flechette that blind opponents, and good old Quietus for Chainsaw replacement, along with some skin changes for Plasma. These aren't quite ready though so just place normal doom2 weapons accordingly.


Resources. Instead of a fat resource pack, I'm going to link you packs that you can draw from that I will compile at the end. If you wish to add something as well, include it in the wad submission. This should be plenty to go on though.




Hexen (has textures and decorations, check map01 for decorations available since DB doesn't display them for whatever reason)



Music: whatever zan supports, pack it with your submission


Skies! @Argent Agent has made some custom skies for this



Where are the people doing this?

Multiplayer General Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

Go forth and make good maps.

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