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Ultimate Doom, Episode 4 in Doom 95

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Hi! I have the Doom Collectors Edition with all the doom games in Doom 95 format.

And after I've finished a leven in Thy Flesh Consumed, the map from the first episode is shown! very annoying!

After I've finished the first level in episode four, it says "Hangar" and the Knee Deep in the dead map is shown in the interlude

very disturbing.
Is there a way to fix this? are there any patches available for Doom 95?

I don't have a very powerful computer, i have a pentium 400 mhz (i think)without a 3d accelerator card, so I can't run all those source ports smooth.

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There is no new episode map for the fourth episode. id Software was simply too lazy to make one. So there is no patch.

As for your computer, with a 400mhz CPU you should be able to run any of the software-renderer source ports very well, some are probably even faster than Doom 95.

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A joke thread?

By the way, E4 shows a gray interpic at the intermission.

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You have misunderstood me completly

I know that there is no MAP for the fourth episode.
The interlude is supposed to be a grey painting with skulls like between levels in Doom II.

But on my Doom Collectors Edition, (Doom 95) the interlude in the 4:th episode is the MAP from the FIRST EPISODE!!

Which means that
- When I finish a level on episode 4, the map from episode 1 shows up!

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Huh!? Holy moly! It really is that buggy. Well... you can't fix that, it's in the MS-owned code and no one will fix it.

Retardedly the Collectors Edition comes only with that EXE, they forgot to include doom and doom2... MS must have bothered Activision to further the sales of their newer expensive hunks of crap.

Once my page is up I'll distribute the original EXEs as a reply to this unredeemable blasphemy!!

If you sort of like that doom95 I suggest using prboom instead, pretty much the same without those problems (including the lack of DeHackEd support.) Otherwise just use any source engine.

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