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Doom Explorer Issues

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What's up yall,

I am trying to get a few friends into the online Doom community, but Doom Explorer is setting off antivirus! I even tried to email it to some folks off my computer, but Google will not allow most of the files, which it sees as security risks. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any idea what needs to be done?


As always, thank you for any and all help! 


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I'm not sure why this would be happening, Bond always gets back to bug reports and such though. He can be easily reached here: http://doomutils.ucoz.com/forum/


Most antivirus programs have options to allow programs that are falsely detected. As far as emailing goes, if you can't find a way to send it with Google, you could make an account at somewhere like mail.com (which is easy). Hope this helps.

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