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[Release] Extremely simple Hexen/Heretic menu QoL change

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So I was getting annoyed when I played Heretic a few days ago, having to go into Data Files just to load and save the game. So I decided to fix it. Now, Save Game and Load Game are available directly on the main menu, because almost nobody plays in 640x480 anymore. Yes, I know I can just press F6 and F9.


This is a personal project that I have decided to make available in case someone finds it even slightly useful. It uses MENUDEF to change the menu, so it requires a zdoom compatible source port. If someone knows of a more compatible way to implement this, it would be great. Chuck the pk7 file in your autoload/raven folder, and you're good to go.


Have fun!


Raven Data Files Fix 1.0.zip



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