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Favourite maps by mappers

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This thread is not the traditional "what's your favourite map", but something with a twist. You have to name the mappers you found relevant, and name your no.1 favourite level by him. The only rule is that mappers you name has at least 3 maps released. Official leveldesigners and PWAD designers can be included.


Mine are:


John Romero: Tech Gone Bad

Sandy Petersen: Monster Condo

American McGee: The Crusher

Milo Casali: Odyssey of Noises

Dario Casali: Pharaoh (not a big fan though... Milo was better)

Russel Meakim "TheCastle': Redemption of the Slain

Richard Heath "Squibbons": Baron's Banquet

Erik Alm: Graverobbers

Paul DeBruyne "skillsaw": Engineering Disaster

Iikka Keränen: Poison Processing

Urthar: Descent (still in beta phase, but I love this map)

YukiRaven: Extreme Terror

Orin Flaharty: Deja Vu

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I usually don't remember who made what, but I managed to make a list anyway.  Most of these maps I like just slightly more than others in their wads.


Skillsaw: Valiant MAP21 ''Skindustrial Zone''

FloatRand: Disjunction MAP05 ''Felt''

AD79 - Violence MAP03 ''Offshore''

Zalewa - Tribute MAP02 ''Feuer und Wasser''

Payload4369 - Dark Encounters MAP08 ''To Kill The Blind''

Xaser - Dead Air MAP01 ''dead.air''

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John Romero: Industrial Zone

Sandy Petersen: The Pit/Downtown

Shawn Green: Unto The Cruel

Tim Willits: Attack

Christen Klie: The Catwalk

Jim Flynn: Titan Manor/Trapped On Titan/Beginner's End/No Parking/Monster Mansion (WAY too hard; the man is a genius)

Sverre Kvernmo: Black Tower/Nucleus

Bob Evans: Excalibur

Paul Schmitz: The Abbey/Timeslip

John Anderson: Vesperas

Tom Mustaine: Redemption

Jimmy Sieben: Shipping/Respawning/River Styx/Last Call

Dario Casali: Pharaoh/Caribbean

Milo Casali: Viper/Odyssey of Noises

Orin Flaherty: Hell's Kitchen

Jens Nielsen: City of The Unavenged

Iikka Keränen: Doorway To Quake

Anthony Czerwonka: Skinny Puppy

Jonas Feragen: IGNITION!

Andy Stewart: The Super Secret Level

Adolf Voijta: Wormhole Zone/Nuclear Horror

Anders Johnsen: Lake Poison/Dark Dome/Stench of Evil

Brad Spencer: Suicidal Tendencies/Overwhelming Odds

Kim André Malde: Misri Halek

Martin Aalen Hunsager: Nemesis

Erik Alm: Hell on Earth


Some of them were difficult but I narrowed down as best as I could.

Edited by valkiriforce

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TimeOfDeath : Degrassi

Death-Destiny : Disturbia

Gusta : The Train is approaching

Likka Keranen : Doorway to Quake

John Romero : E1M3 Toxin Refinery

Sandy Petersen : Map 27 Monster Condo

Erik Alm : Gaia's temple


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John Romero: E4M2: Perfect Hatred
American McGee: MAP07: Dead Simple
Sandy Peterson: Mt. Erebus
Milo Caseli: Go 2 It
Dario Caselo: Genesis
TNT Team: Last Call 
Alexander S. (Eternal): Epic map 3 Black  Magic.
Archi: Map 5 of Rush
Sgt. Mark:  Hell on Earth Wad. Sacrificial Grounds

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Esselfortium: Back to Saturn X Radio Report 

such a great opening map, really shows you, Quality wise, whats to come in the later maps.


John Romero: E1M1 Hangar

The grand daddy of them all, design philosophies which we still follow and use to this day.


Erik Alm: Castle Entryway

Another great opener.

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I'm genuinely surprised that people can do this from memory. I've been giving it some thought and I can't give a definitive answer on anybody - particularly favourite mappers.

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Romero: MAP26 The Abandoned Mines

Sandy: E3M3 Pandemonium

Shawn Green: E4M3 Sever the Wicked

Dario Casali: MAP22 Impossible Mission

Milo Casali: MAP32 Go 2 It

Eternal: Epic 2 MAP14 Orion's Belt

Ribbiks: SD20X7 MAP31 Hopscotch

Mechadon: Vela Pax MAP05 Apollyon

MTrop: Community Chest 3 MAP29 For We Are Many

Xaser: Dead.Air

Obsidian: Maskim Xul MAP02 Maskim Xul

Urthar: Dimension of the Boomed MAP08 Ziggurat Mayhem

MrZzul & Megablast: Mayhem 2018 Purple MAP20 Tesseract

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos

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Romero: Doom - e1m7: Computer Station
Eric Alm: Scythe 2 - End Of The Line
Joshy: Resurgence - Mt. Katoomba
Darkwave0000: Speed of Doom - The Path To Hell
Pcorf: Doomed Space Wars - Laser Power Generator
Tango: Mayan Mishap - Sacrificial Scramble
Skillsaw: Ancient Aliens - Leave Your Sol Behind
Eternal: Epic 2 - Astral Base

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8 hours ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:


American McGee: E4M3 Sever the Wicked


This map was not designed by American

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Romero: Against Thee Wickedly

Peterson: Tower of Babel

McGee: Underhalls

Green: Bloodfalls

Dario: Pharaoh

Milo: Go 2 It

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