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Polyobjects and Sound Sequences


Trying to experiment with Polyobjects (Sliding Doors etc.).


I've got the door working fine, but I can't get sound on it no matter what i try.


I've got the sounds defined in SNDINFO and the basic SNDSEQ set up:



        door            1
        playrepeat      q1door2a
        stopsound       q1lift2b


I've got it attached to the PolyObjectStartLine as Sound Number 1, but nothing plays when I test the map.


Did I miss something?

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You need 3 parts, for example from a Test map:


First off the sounds



Second, a SNDINFO lump, where the sounds are tied to a DOOMname



Third, a SNDSEQ lump, where the DOOMname is tied to sound actions and a sequence



Notice that I tied the sound to sound number 64.





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