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[HUD] CatsVisor HUD 1.5

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[HUD] CatsVisor HUD 1.5




Here is a custom visor HUD I've made based on other mods ( XV117 Visor and Dynamic Hud for BD21 ). But I think its most brilliant ancestor is UDV by saegiru.

I wanted to have something not too ressource consuming while keeping the "hd visor" style I like in UDV... And then I went my own way (adding bars everywhere, screens for the ammo, armor...)


You can customize it a little, I've recently added an option menu (Show/Hide different parts).


The last version only works with GZDoom (last version) but there's an older version that works with Zandronum

It's compatible with Vanilla Doom and lots of mods : BeautifulDoom, HardDoom, SmoothDoom, ComplexDoom Clusterfuck, Project Brutality 3.0, BrutalDoom64, BrutalDoom:BlackEdition and Brutal Doom v21 (+ some addons like tomtefars extension 1.8b, mutators1.5.4, D2016Arsenal). Works with 4:3 , 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions !



• Custom Mugshot                                                                                                       • Powerups indicators

• Overlay that reacts on armor percent                                                                           • Armor stamina and oxygen bars
• Health bar (with a health pulse) that change color depending on the remaining hp             • Ammo bars for magazine and total ammo (2 variations)


• Enemy health bar                                                                                                       • Grenades/mines/C4 indicators (mods)

• Low health indicators                                                                                                  • Armor icon and armor save percent









     -> Here


I hope you'll enjoy it ! That's my first mod so feedback and suggestions are appreciated !




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