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How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

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Considering this is a 25 year old game I think it still defends itself. It's a shame that support for DOS games simply stopped, but it speaks volumes that fan communities can keep the game alive. I'd also like to point out that I miss the shareware days. Nowadays nothing is really free.

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People still map for and play the vanilla game (Even if it is a source port most of the time). That alone speaks for itself. 

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1 hour ago, jazzmaster9 said:

I would say games like Duke 3d and Blood  Aged far better than Doom, with the later boasting the best level designs of the 90s shooters.

i can play and replay those games vanilla, where as I pretty much only play Doom now with mapsets and mods. 


Comparing Doom to Duke 3d or Blood feels alot more fair than comparing it to Quake. Games with 2d sprite graphics in general do age very different than games with 3d polygonal graphics. And Doom is technically very primitive and restricted so Duke 3d and Blood have their advantages over Doom. Build engine can definitely do simulation of realistic locations better but comes also with disadvantages. Doom is free to be more abstract and do almost pretty much anything it wants to create fun gameplay. Duke 3d and Blood are limited to create only levels that make atleast some sense as realistic locations. Some people do prefer gameplay in realistic locations but there are alot of people that do not care about it or feel that it even hurts the gameplay design. Doom feels just much more pure than any of the build-engine games and I do prefer that so much more.


It must be said that it does matter where we got started as a player and why person who started playing fps game with Duke 3d or later games would feel that Doom is more aged compared to someone who's first fps game was Doom or Wolfenstein 3d. I think it is very likely that people in thread that feel original Doom to be more aged are also people that either started with later games or mapsets or are just so used to newer stuff that it is harder for them to go back vanilla Doom. I wouldn't say that Duke 3d, Blood or Quake are better or worse than Doom, but they are very different and what feels best to play is very a subjective thing.

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First, of all: In my opinion, it's not DOOM that's aged the best - but rather DOOM 2. But I will use DOOM to represent both games.


To me, it's the simplicity yet flexibility of modding the game that has enabled this game to age so well, in addition to the bestiary and weaponry being sustainable in many environments. This causes an extreme spike in replayability - which is vital for a game to age well. Megawads, and high quality wads & mods enable the user to have different experiences each time they play DOOM 2.  


As an example: I am playing Dark Souls 3. Really great series. It's known for it's difficulty. There is decent New Game Plus support to increase replayability, but in the end, the player simply goes through the same areas and kills tougher version of the same enemies. Eventually, that gets old and people move on to something else. As far as I know, it's impossible to make new maps and mobs for the game, and the only mod I know of (besides textures) is a randomizer one.


I will add that another game I think that's going to age like DOOM is Skyrim, and for similar reasons.



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Most of my gripes with vanilla Doom are fixed in most modern source ports (e.g: inf. tall actors). A few other balancing 'issues' aside that are for me personally a problem, I'd say the bulk of the game is still as fun as ever. I see some people mentioned the abstract maps too, and I could probably ramble on about aesthetics all fucking day, but to summarize how I feel about them is that: Like everything in art, it needs to be executed right. Techbase and Hell usually getting away with abstract architecture the best in my opinion. And as far as the maps in the original games+expansions go, I think they mostly pass with flying colors(except for a few Doom 2 maps that are frankly 'eugh').


Overall I'd rate it a 9/10, definitely a must have for 1993 gamers™, if your computer can handle it, and if your mom is okay with violent video games.

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