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New patches and sprites

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I kept on trying to make pictures for freedoom, and, as usual, it would be nice if you told me what you think of them.


Thank you !


textures 2018.png

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I can tell you put a lot of effort into these, but to be honest, I don't think it quite measures up.


Main criticism is that you seem to rely on pillowshading and gradients, I suggest looking up guides on directional shading. The sprites aren't good, but I see potential in some of these textures with more work. I especially like those computer textures, the shiny, high contrast look it has is cool. Also, interesting take on the Star Wars walls, I never liked Freedoom's existing ones. They're far too dark, though.

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Thank you for your answers ! I will try to improve my shading. For the cartoony style, I'm afraid that's what I like, actually. And, why not insects ?

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They are definitely not bad and should be further improved a tiny bit. Also, @Valerio don't be encourage, if they are not used in Freedoom. You certainly have talent and why not use them in a Doom mod all of your own?

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