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FreeDoom (mobile port) problem

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Hi, I downloaded FreeDoom on my phone, I used FreeDoom source port (GZDoom) to run Doom I and Doom II, but I have a problem, when I play Chex Quest 3, Hexen, Heretic, Blasphemer, among others, the game does not play the IWAD I chose, but runs FreeDoom with the wrong colors (like the Predator's vision). How do I solve this?



If my english is bad, is because I'm Brazilian.

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Have you checked if you have no wads or mods enabled? If that's the case, that might be the problem, if not, that might be a bug and you should probably inform the developer...

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I have FreeDoom as well, put the Wad files under the main folder. Do NOT put the Wad files under the "wads" folder. Put them here.

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