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Aquila Chrysaetos

IronEagle Competition 2: Vanguard

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By some demand, the IronEagle goes for another month.


The rules for this competition are much the same as the DWIronman League. Blind runs are encouraged, but the category system is simplified so as to avoid ambiguity.




  1. Dubzzz
  2. NaZa
  3. dt_
  4. Aquila Chrysaetos
  5. Suitepee
  6. leodoom85
  7. wintertowns
  8. DMPhobos
  9. guineu
  10. Rimantas
  11. NoisyVelvet 



  1. Liberation
  2. Pegleg



Submissions must include a demo from one of the listed available ports.

The first actual attempt must be submitted, there are no do-overs (with very few possible exceptions which I will address as they arise).

A run must be done in a singular sitting. (With room for breaks. This will be addressed below.)

If we do a WIP wad, make sure you are using the latest available version to minimize demo desync issues.

Stream and video runs are accepted if and only if a demo of the same run is provided. This means you are streaming/recording the gameplay as you are recording the demo. A stream/video submission with no demo will be automatically rejected.

Secret levels are, as in DWIL, treated as extra credit.

Freelook is allowed, but jumping and crouching must be disabled for wads that do not support them.


Accepted Ports:

  1. PRBoom+
  2. ZDoom 2.8.1
  3. ZDoom32 2.8.5
  4. GZDoom 2.4.0
  5. GZDoom 3.5.1


Category System:

  1. Blind run. This explains itself. You have no knowledge of the wad and have not played/seen it before.
  2. Non-blind. If you have played the wad before and/or possess any foreknowledge, your run is non-blind.


Difficulty System:

You may submit a demo for HNTR, HMP, or UV.

If you submit a UV run, you may not submit one for HNTR or HMP. Likewise for the other difficulties. Multiple difficulty runs will be rejected and the runner's submission void for that month.

ITYTD and NM runs will not be accepted.

Submitting a HNTR run does not pit you against UV players. Each difficulty will be graded separately. This will, hopefully, keep the runs graded as fairly as possible.


I will be maintaining a spreadsheet where I will keep my information as up-to-date as possible, and I will record the top ten runs of each difficulty here, where applicable.

IronEagle Spreadsheet


This month, our IronEagle runners will be facing Vanguard.

The objective for survival is MAP13. There are no secret maps.



Since I neglected to deal with this last month, I'll specify today.

You are free to take a quick break when needed. Intermission screens are the best time to do this.

Multiple demos cannot be accepted, however.


Even if you die, you are encouraged to finish the wad.

Attempting to max the maps is encouraged, but not necessary to win.

When you submit your run, please do not go into detail on the wad or map you survived or died on, only declare the category and difficulty, and say what map you died on, if applicable.

Obviously, runs must be done vanilla to prevent demo desyncing, as such all mods must be merely cosmetic.


If you don't know how to record demos, I recommend getting the ZDL launcher.

Once you have it set up to find your IWAD's and ports, you can use the field at the bottom entitled "command line parameters" to record your demo with ease.

Template for PRBoom+:

-file vanguard.wad -complevel 9 -skill <4> -record <IEvang> -warp 01

Where the skill is 2 for HNTR, 3 for HMP, and 4 for UV.

Template for ZDoom:

-file vanguard.wad +compatmode 6 -skill <4> -record <IEvang> +map map01

Using the ZDL launcher will allow you to select your skill directly and skip the wad selection and warp by immediately starting you in MAP01 on launch.

This wad uses complevel 9 or Boom (strict).


While recording demos, PRBoom allows you to pause the game by accessing the menu without desyncing the demo, but ZDoom will not pause the game, period.



Some maps in this wad end with a death exit, so be careful to not reset yourself before the map ends.

Obviously, death exits can't count as deaths, or nobody would survive the wad, but do take care.

So far the only participant to have this happen is Dubzzz, and I'm allowing him to continue this once, but anyone who accidentally resets will have to either play the map again or end their run there.

Doing a map over again and surviving it will not count toward the end placing. The first run is what will count.


Happy Dooming!

Edited by Aquila Chrysaetos

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I'll be taking part in this again at some point this month. At least I know Vanguard contains no bullshit traps......although the penultimate map is a bit of a pain.

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Yes yes yes! I've played this pretty recently, and I can for sure get through the first five maps. 

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This is interesting. Vanguard is actually on my list of wads I need to play, so I wonder how awful things will go :v .

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I haven't played this mapset actually....but I saw it in some streams. I doubt that I remember that thing anyway

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Hi, first post.


Decided to give this a go, having played through for the first time Vanguard quite recently.

Pleased to at least get through map01 on UV really!


Died on map02 at a trap I knew was coming. Fried by a hell knight.

Category 2, UV.



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On 11/2/2018 at 1:17 PM, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

Accepted Ports:

  1. PRBoom+
  2. ZDoom 2.8.1
  3. ZDoom32 2.8.5
  4. GZDoom 2.4.0
  5. GZDoom 3.5.1

No, I can't accept Eternity. If it was a vanilla wad, then I'd accept Eternity demos.

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I would like to see blind run on UV without dying through all levels. This wad is insane. I didn't reach even half of first level and died. Will work on it.

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It hurts that I already started hell revealed (I do not like to play 2 megawads at a time)

and I'd love to try it, but I'll wait for next week

and should download zdoom 2.8.1 because I normally use zandronum xd

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CATEGORY: Have played this before up to MAP06. Rest was blind, so Non-blind.

SKILL: Ultra-Violence

ENGINE: prBoom-plus


That said, I'm immensely satisfied to have beaten anything after MAP06 blind. Until MAP11, that is.


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Cateogry 2, I've played the entirety of Vanguard once and some of the later slaughtery maps more then once. 


So I already talked to Aquila about this and he decided to let me continue from map 06. ( I hit space to soon on the death exit on map 05 and it started the map over, naturally I assumed my run was over at that point).


Anyways final result.. dead on map 12 to splash damage from a cyber rocket.



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Well, I died in map 05 because I trapped myself into hellspawn, trying to find a way to have a clear area and kill the monsters just fine... 

Played in UV, GLBoom+, familiar run because I watched those maps before in a stream. And I hate that interruptions happens at home when I play this type of challenge...fuck sake!!!

Demo here: vanld85.zip

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So am I right in thinking this is basically the same as the ironman league 'cept there's no cat 2/3 disputes and no ranking or league table?  Also I generally play with glboom, is this accepted?

(Just seen the spreadsheet, ignore that)

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Essentially, yes, albeit a little sporadically dealt with for this month.

If I haven't updated the spreadsheet by the 14th, someone mention me here and tell me to get on it.


There is ranking, but it's only applied at the end of the month.

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Made it to map11, got a bit cocky though and died like an idiot.


I've played vanguard a couple of times before, so a definite 'category 2', and bits of it recently in zdaemon survival coop so it was pretty fresh in my mind, felt like I played quicker and more aggressively than normal, but I think it's the combat style and easy going nature of the mapset that brought that out of me

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Where did November go? Anyway better late than never: ironeagle_nov18_guineu


Used GZDoom 3.5.1 with:

-file vanguard.wad -complevel 9 -skill 4 -record demo -warp 01

I played Vanguard years ago, I didn't remember anything but I guess technically it's category 2.


Died on Map03, second pair of Archviles got me.

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I'll be posting the next IronEagle SoonTM, but I've updated the leaderboard.

No one fell through the cracks, so to speak, as best as I'm aware.


Congratulations to @Bdubzzz for winning November's competition.

This month's IronEagle won't be a Christmas-themed one, sorry to say.

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