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Classic Rivalry (Remake) - Fixed Demo

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You know, I was hoping you had matured over the 6 years since the dust up between you and Term. It seems like you haven't, how disappointing. I will never look at another project by you again.

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Was gonna say rather interesting project you got going on there. Then I saw the drama. Oof, eek, yikes. Good day sir.

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Heres the demo as promised. DOWNLOAD! < Extract folder to desktop, Run launcher!


-Ive made Killing Time playable up to the mansion section, Retro blazer is there but incomplete and the dukenukem monitor is just a template.
-The Killing time levels are pretty large and open, with many effects on display too it may just lag for lower end systems. Ive added some specific options to the game to hopefuly help a little.
-Enemies are quite brutal and spread out, its advised you take cover often and creep your way around corners.
-DONT cheat warp to levels (game relys heavily on scripts)
-press H to return to hub.

If theres something particular you think i should change,remove or fix then letme know. Thanks!

Edited by Ermin : removed DM2.iwad

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Posted (edited)

@Ermin please fix your download link so that the archive doesn't include a copy of the Doom 2 iwad. That is warez.


edit: Thanks!

Edited by dew

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