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ThingCountName doesn't check dead monsters.

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Greetings, i'm making some maps with Doombuilder 2 and i got a problem when monsters with specifed TID are dead doesn't trigger the action, instead it trigers even if they are alive (looks like the ThingCountName is equal to 0).


I assigned TID 668 and 669 to each group of monsters, but it wont work, my map format is Doom in Hexen Format.


#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 OPEN
    While(ThingCountName(T_NONE, 669) > 0)
  Door_Open(15, 64);

script 2 OPEN
    While(ThingCountName(T_NONE, 668) > 0)

 Floor_LowerByValue(18, 8, 64);

What i'm doing wrong ?

Thanks !

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If you want to count things regardless of their type, you should be using ThingCount instead. ThingCountName expects a class name string, so the T_NONE identifier shouldn't be used with it, as it maps to a number rather than a string.


While (ThingCount (T_NONE, 669) > 0)

While (ThingCountName ("BaronOfHell", 669) > 0)


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