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The Metroid Dreadnought playable trailer is out NOW!

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Download and Game Page




Note: the package contains everything you need to run the trailer, including freedoom2 and GZDoom.



"The year is 2005 C.C. Five years after I destroyed the Space Pirate camp on Zebes and defeated Mother Brain. Since then, the Galactic Federation has started to carefully protect the newly discovered Metroids. In a station on Metus, a moon orbiting the planet Phoebys, researchers discovered the origins and capabilities of the Metroids, while the Galactic Federation watched over them. But something caught them off-guard; a new group of copycat Space Pirates. Five minutes ago, I received a distress signal from Metus. Metus is under attack!" - Samus Aran




"Metroid: Dreadnought is a Zandronum weapon/gameplay mod for Doom II inspired by both Prime and Super, aiming to combine the speed and weapons of Super Metroid with the hectic gunplay of Metroid Prime--go through a familiar arsenal, pick up new weapons, pull off familiar moves, invent new maneuvers, all against an ever-marching legion of the greatest threat to hit the galaxy." - from https://www.moddb.com/mods/metroid-dreadnought


Developed by TerminusEst13 in 2014, Metroid Dreadnought put galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran in the place of Doomguy. Unfortunately, development was stopped after version 1.0, and an official single-player campaign was never created.


Many attempts to turn Dreadnought into standalone projects failed. Not wanting his work to be left useless, R4L decided to split off from those failed projects and add to the base mod, creating Metroid Dreadnought Overhaul. This mod allows Dreadnought to run on a much newer version of GZDoom while simultaneously fixing bugs and adding new features.


Disappointed by the lack of maps for Dreadnought, CrazyWazy set out in late 2017 to create a feature-length campaign for it, combining the best aspects of both Metroid and Doom. The campaign features a nonlinear map that unlocks as the player progresses, Doom-like traps and monster encounters, and a full original soundtrack!


Again, the mod itself isn't mine, but the map is.

The original mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/metroid-dreadnought


Terminus's original Dreadnought thread:

R4L's Metroid Dreadnought Overhaul 1.4 thread:





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