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AntiSocial V1 (DeHackEd gameplay mod)

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Hell is other people



A crappy DeHackEd thing I did waaaay back that I decided to dust off, and release because lol why not. It replaces all enemies with marines, wielding all manner of weapons, and with less health than their demonic counterparts(but a few new gimmicks). As of now, it's pretty bare-bones as I just threw this together one time and forgot about it. The Health values works differently here(this may be subject to change in favor of a more conventional health pool):

-Brown marines are unarmored, and have only 60hp(previously 100, but I found that to be too grueling when fighting hordes of them).

-Gray marines have reinforced Kevlar, able to withstand more. They have 200hp.

-Red marines have Heavy armor, able to take up to 500hp of damage.

-Green marines wield Praetor armor, capable of withstanding a whopping 1000hp of damage.


This isn't a mod I'm taking very seriously, but I will still accept any suggestions and thoughts anyone might have.

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