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haruko haruhara

my heaven invasion wad has 5 maps demo

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i forgot i just now test the wad you can play it in







well boom does work but the monsters wont move an also it does the same thing with pr boom skulltag zdaemon an all  that an this is a slaughter wad

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You obviously weren't trying to make nice looking maps, and if you were, I'm sorry but you failed. The gameplay on the first and second was okish, the Archvile sewer was just stupid. Did you test on UV? I want a video if so. I skipped that level and quit at the "Not a slaughter cos red vox midi" because it was simply horrendous. Sorry if this is harsh but yeah, study some nice looking maps and put some effort in, but who am I to tell you what to do.

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hi ztkt it's been a while hasn't it


i mean i don't know if this is actually ztkt but the maps have about the same quality as ztkt's so


ED: to clarify the maps are all very boxy and just simply loaded with absurd blocks of monsters, most of which are completely overlapping with each other and can't move.

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The monsters are stuck in Boom because they're too close together. They look like this in GZDB:




But they should look like this:




I made a quick edit of MAP01 by stretching out the chunks where monsters were too close together and played it in PrBoom+. I think it's actually a fun map! At first, I was going to say that it quickly turns into a circlestrafe, which is true if that's what the player wants to do, but because of all the invulns and no backpack, it's kinda interesting to try to maximize your DPS. The start is a neat little puzzle too. Here's the edit and a UV Max demo for it: heaven_invasion_edit.zip


The exit is probably very hard to find without looking in an editor. The teleporter should probably have an appropriate flat on the floor, and the "S1 Exit" lines look like they were meant to be "W1 Exit".

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