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Dokta Whawee

Doom: THE MEME SOUNDTRACK! (Part 1 released!)

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Are you ready for the most expansive and advanced Doom OST overhaul of ALL TIME?


Well, you should be!

Actually, at least be ready for the First of 6 parts!

That's right! The Ultimate Doom: MEME SOUNDTRACK is ready for download!

Get ready to hear music that fits! Music that doesn't fit! Music that really doesn't fit! And, of course, EPIC MUSIC!!!


(And music that doesn't fit, too.)


On December 1st, the ENTIRE MEME SOUNDTRACK MOD will be released! It includes The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom TNT AND Plutonia, No Rest for the Living, Master Levels, AND some Personal levels, AND the console exclusive levels! Almost 200 songs used! All of them not in Doom! All of them memes!


What song will you hear next? Find out by playing part 1: The Ultimate Doom!


Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17YzIbYFPX1Rb8eP_nk5DZ2ZQ1CSZdMqG/view


(Please spread the word! The whole WAD took me from Early Febuary from late October to finish!)

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