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The current season of South Park is surprisingly incredible

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Like shockingly, well beyond any reasonable expectations. The last few seasons of South Park were abysmal, but the current season, for the most part, has been outstanding so far. The episodes about Randy farming cannabis and Al Gore/Red Dead Redemption 2 are among two of the best episodes of South Park ever made. With that said, I did find the season premiere to be unfunny and dull. But other than that, it's totally mind blowing just how much better this show has gotten as of recent. Manbearpig is awesome.

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While I liked the Red Dead references and how accurate they were and it really seemed like the creators were playing it the same time I was (since they make these the week they air) which made it feel REALLY current and kinda unique, I think it is going to date the episode pretty quickly. A dated joke/reference is fine, but not when it makes up 1/2 the jokes of the episode.


The school shooting jokes this whole season however are spot fucking on and haven't gotten old, even though that sounds morbid on paper.


I also liked the Halloween episode. Those scooters really did just start showing up in my city and they are EVERYWHERE

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Just now, vinnie245 said:

It does help that they've finally moved on from all the politics of past episodes for the most part.


I'd be happy if they never referenced Trump ever again. They beat that horse into a fine pulp. 


Man, so many hilarious, classic lines in such a short span of episodes. My favourite probably being "I, I didn't know chickens wore suspenders."


Harrison Yates: The fat ugly mean kid and the detached loner poor kid. 
Cartman: Hey, I'm not poor, alright!


Harrison Yates: Outside of school is the one place that kids are supposed to be safe.

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I hope the school shooter episode made SJWs melt away into a puddle of piss and tears!  In a time where EVERYONE finds a reason to be offended, it's nice we still have a show that remains offensive for us folks with common sense who know what comedy is suppose to be about.    

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