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A sneak peek for an upcoming 32megawad

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Well, here is a one map i made everybody. for a  32 mega wad. it is kinda lacking, but itll do. it will have improvements. maybe, feel free to criticize! i will note them down and use your notes to definitely improve the wad, it uses 3D Floors. this map made by Me and Cynix425. it will (maybe) have custom textures. its called Sewers.wad! there might be more sneakpeaks (3 of them). i dont have anything else to say. also this is one of our first maps, we have made few in the past before but they have never been uploaded to the net. 

also here are some screenshots. 

Edit : Yes, i know the exit doesnt work. 





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I don't want kill off enthusiasm, but you shouldn't build a megawad yet and focus on episodic release. Why episode and not megawad? because you're new here in mapping and I don't think that you both would want fix oldest maps after you'll gain more knowledge and evolve from first tries.

Mapping side - Doors mostly opens once and closes, so player locks themselves in rooms and only can escape by using "noclip" cheat. I'm not sure why those pits are here, like one in middle screenshot, it's just distraction if player fell down without any hope to escape or have excuse to cheat to go up. I noticed lots of misaligned textures. Combat is mostly incidental as for usual typical newbie maps. I suggest make doors open repeatable way or leave open completely. Also I noticed this visual glitch:


I recommend study your favourite mapsets and see how they apply height difference, make combat and so on. Also, you can join various discord servers for mapping like "the joy of mapping" server for quicker help. 

Quick shortcuts for texture alignments:


L-lower unpegged 
U-upper unpegged
A and A+shift for horizontal and vertical texture alignment
Also you can use arrow keys for alignment)


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