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Mapset: MedEvil

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Three small to medium-sized levels with a gothic castle theme. Balanced for pistol start, with difficulties implemented. Requires PrBoom+ or compatible engine (eg. GZDoom). 










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I gave each map a try, and managed to finish map 2 on UV fda in PrBoom+. Did not finished the other maps, as I died close to the end of both and don't have time to play any more now, but I enjoyed what I've seen so far. Fairly easy to play on UV overall, but the engagements are thought about and there where no wasted space or obvious texture errors in the levels as far as I could tell. Especially the PE encounters were challenging due to good placement, and no unnecessary excess of ammo and health in the maps, I really liked that.



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1 hour ago, Teder said:

Yeah the sky is awesome. It builds the mood.


Agreed. Particularly the clouds pointing downward (like in the second screenshot) really adds a foreboding feeling.

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The wad has been through a few revisions now, seems as good as it's going to get, ready to upload to idgames. Speak now or forever hold your peace...

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Serendipity - the thing you find when you're looking for something else.


Just found this.


Using GZDoom, version 1.3. Very pretty. Nice texture use. Noticed a lot of bars textures bleeding into the ground, though. Setting ClipMidTextures in Mapinfo should fix it. Or create sectors and have different light levels on either side of the bars.


I like the use of the Nightmare Imps. Not overdone. Also like the music. Very appropriate, but MAP02 seems to cut off suddenly in a weird way. MAP03 does also, then pauses for awhile and seems to start a new song, which also cuts off suddenly in a weird way. Odd.


The only issues I found were on MAP02.


Thing 89, a Spectre, tries to come up the angled water hallway S of the Pool of Blood, Shells, and Short Green Torch. It can't squeeze past the torch to attack. Easy kill.


The bloody room secret opened by linedef tag 13 - there is a second secret in the room that can't be scored. It's the thin barred window sector.


Don't think you intended playing this way, but I expected monsters to pop in and attack when I grabbed the Blue Key, so I grabbed it at a full run and was up the stairs out of the area by the time the third Imp teleported in. I went across the water and waited by the blue key door until everyone had gathered, then picked off whatever in-fighting hadn't killed. Kinda cheesed it.


Really liked this. Thanks.

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