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This burger is Wendy's magnum opus. I only ever eat it once a year, but it is ever so incredible when I do. A masterclass in design from top to bottom. Its delicious and fresh bacon, portabella mushrooms, never frozen beef, cheddar cheese slices and zesty cheddar cheese sauce are all in a different reality. The sauce looks very different from what's advertised. It appears to be a nacho cheese sauce in the ads, which really isn't to my personal taste. But in real life, it has a darker colour, and a multitude of green herbs. Seriously, the cheddar cheese sauce on this burger is exceptional. I wish they still used the brioche buns, but oh well. This burger kicks ass and you should all be very proud of it.



Edited by Ajora

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I wish you had used TM symbols throughout your post, would have really sold me on the “oh btw Ajora is still a secret paid fast food shill” angle. The use of ‘kicks ass’ also pulled me out of the experience and ruined the immersion a bit. Still, a quality post for a quality burger (that we sadly do not have in Australia).

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Just now, guitardz said:

Why doesn't my local Wendy's have this?


The burger is currently available in Canada, but not in America. American locations get it too, so don't worry.

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Hey Ajora, this looks in great value and taste! I like my burgers sauce zesty and my beef never frozen. Wendys gets my two thumbs up jajajajaja satan.


I personally love Hungry Jacks Master Grill selection with succulent Australian Angus beef and smokey barbecue sauce. The burgers are better at hungry jacks.

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On Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 11:42 PM, Doominator2 said:

Hamburgers are the fabric of life, try to prove me wrong

I can't, but it won't stop me from eating them

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47 minutes ago, YukiRaven said:

I see you're still living up to your custom title XD

I was going to say that, but I was one step too late, haha.


I kind of like mushrooms, so I probably give it a try if it happens in America. There's a Wendy's conveniently located closely to my house.

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