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What are some good custom sp maps and map packs?

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The only custom maps and map packs I have ever found and enjoyed so far were Endarchy and Omega Labs, not to mention I am looking forward to Phobos when it gets released. I have also played a Tower of Babel based map and a map pack called Abandon All Hope In Hell, there was also a mod called Phantasm but I didn't really play through it that much and seem to have lost the download I had of it.


I would like to know of some more good ones I haven't yet tried or heard of so far, however I should note that I am not looking for TC's.

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Yes, but I am asking for good ones which people have tried already.


However I will try those two which you have mentioned.

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Doommarine_maxi's list is pretty good. Most of the Doom 3 custom SP levels I would recommend are listed there.

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