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The Strife Commando

Snapmap's Rising

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This is for those that don't know, and to bring light into Doom 4's map/game mode maker. At launch, it's said to be lacking in features. No Chainsaw, only preset prefabs can be used, no option to remove weapon limit, etc. Well after a very long while, Snapmap received mayor updates. Outdoor areas are now possible, custom prefabs can be made, a lot more can be done to the point where maps and levels from other games can be very accurately remade (such as World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros). Snapmap has gotten better now. People can make so many amazing things with it. Those who made maps and/or modes before the updates can now edit their work with the new features and make them better.


Here's a video showing Quake's E1M1 wonderfully remade in Snapmap.



I hope Snapmap returns in Doom Eternal with even more content and different ways to make your maps. Maybe we'll see the ability to add in custom enemies as well. :D

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Judging from that video, Snapmap has become a lot more powerful than I ever thought it could be, it's quite impressive what can be done with it now.

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Snapmap was always possible to make awesome shit like this since around mid-2017's final major update (that enabled removal of all network limitations). And it's very damn hard to find Snapmap this good with the vacant lack of support it has now from the devs themselves. And the dogshit search engine flooded with tat.


Trust me dude. With a fuckton of efforts, ya get some really awesome shit.







It's why I made my goddamn steamgroup to rectify this, and how the Snapmap Reddit still has... activity? (I mean, there's only like 30 active user max)

Snapmap is at the point that one final major update will make it the objectively best ingame editor ever made. But it's just... so close, yet so far. It's damn near depressing.

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