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A question about muzzle flash and 3D guns

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I hated the way the guns in Quake 2 don't have any so I would like my guns to have muzzle flashes. Is this something that is just a part of the actual model or some separate entity? I am still fairly new to using 3D models rather than sprites to make guns, monsters etc and I was wondering what the best way is to add muzzle flash to 3D guns.

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Check out Enjay's Gene-Tech: Before the storm

This is the gun right at the start



For that matter, he used this muzzleflash for every gun with bullets.

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I just very briefly peaked inside the pk3 file for his mod. As far as I can tell the muzzle flash is included in the texture maps for the guns. So basically the muzzle flash is just a part of the gun texture/model then?


So basically (correct this if I am wrong) he just created a weapon model with the muzzle flash included, and then displayed that model during the specific frames in which the flash is intended to appear? I see that in his modeldef code he has frames he has nicknamed "fire with flash" so I am assuming I am not too far off here?

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In old times I played with 3d models. It was Doom marine from quake 3. I just use some weapon model from alien and I put muzzle flash into the gun barrel. And when model was in fire mode - muzzle flash was jumping outside the barrel. Thanks to that flash wasn't just one frame, but it stretch and looked nice. I put all textures to one model. Muzzle flash was just simple plane with two triangles. 

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