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Custom hud overlay


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16 hours ago, Thedoctor989 said:

yeah! thats what i was wanting to do! also couldn't you just change what the Radiation suit display looks like or is that hardcoded?

Make a custom Powerup and use a PowerupGiver to give it to the player. In either of those, you can set a Powerup,Color, including None, if you want.

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That's a matter of editing the status bar. I know that in SBARINFO it should be a simply inventory check:

InInventory yrpowerup, 1 
  drawimage "MASKIMG", 0, 0;

ZScript is probably the more up-to-date method, however, but that's beyond my knowledge at the moment. Someone here who knows a lot more than I do can probably help you.

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im making a WW1 mod and i would like the player to be able to press a speciific button or maybe a powerup which shows this for a limited time so they can go through gas clouds and such


Newest version of GZDOOM

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20 hours ago, hardcore_gamer said:

It covers way too much of the screen.


It does cover a lot of the screen. However, that needs to be utilized as part of the package. According to thedoctor989, the gas mask would allow you to get through gas clouds and other sorts of hazardous atmospheres. If the gas clouds are instant death, then it really doesn't matter if the mask obscures the view or not--you have to use it. If the gas clouds are not instant death, then the player has to weigh the benefits of wearing the mask and cutting off part of their view vs. not wearing the mask and suffering whatever ill effects happen, but not cutting off that part of your view. Then, the gas mask (and its limited field of view) become part of the strategy of play and cost-benefit analysis that you have to do as a player.

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