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Master O

Specific Track Names from "Unloved"

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Question about the Doom level called "Unloved":




The "unloved readme.txt" file says:



music from:
aphex twin, blair witch project, lustmord, nortt, silent hill 2,
the prodigy, tyler bates (texas chainsaw massacre ost, 
the devil’s rejects ost) 


Does anyone here know the specific track names of the songs used?  I know I could ask the level creator himself, but I'm not even sure if that person's still around the doom community or not.  

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List of what I found when I did my playthrough.


Alone in the Town - Silent Hill 2
Hub (Map 01)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Main Theme
Map 02

Dirty Knees - Tyler Bates (The Devil's Rejects)
Map 03

Didn't found what's the song for Map 04 (probably comes from The Black Witch Project as that appears in the credits)

Aphex Twin -  Jynweythek Ylow
Map 05
And the fight with Thamuz comes from Lustmord (don't know the exact name of the song)

Same goes with the title music (probably Nortt) and...the credits song comes from The Prodigy (which reminds of Thriller from Michael Jackson)


EDIT: That's pretty similar from the title music...around 33 minute mark



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