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Cpl. Slaughter

Need help installing Smooth Doom

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Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum and I'm looking to get into modding as well as checking out some of the doom mods out there. I'm trying to install Smooth Doom and Russian Overkill but I haven't figured it out. The files download as pk3 files so do I convert them to zip files to unzip them or do I download an app that recognizes pk3 files? As of right now I don't have a program that can open them. The program I'm using to play Doom mods is gzdoom 32 bit modern on windows 10. I'm sure the amount I don't know is probably alot but I'm willing to learn.

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Hi! If you drag the SmoothDoom.pk3 ONTO your Gzdoom launcher as Gaia said, it should work for you. You MAY have to download the latest GZdoom build for it to work (I can't remember as I haven't tested on the stable build for a while), in which case let me know and I, or someone else can walk you through that. Hope you enjoy the mod C:

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