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Dumb question about file upload limits

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When I started being active in the forum again recently I already had to replace every map and image I'd ever uploaded over the past few years because the dropbox links had been broken in the intervening time. And image hosts too seem notorious for dropping images after only a couple of years. So I re-uploaded everything to Doomworld, since I figure that as long as the posts still exist the files ought to be accessible too.


I was just posting some screenshots of my most recent map, and I realized that I couldn't - I was within a few hundred kilobytes of my upload limit. It turns out I've nearly met my 50mb limit for uploads. If I was posting joke images or memes I would just delete them, but almost everything I've uploaded is my maps and screenshots of them. I've been removing a few of the images and replacing them with lower-resolution versions, but this isn't really gaining me much. There's so little there that I'd feel comfortable removing, or images I'd feel comfortable downsizing any further.


How is the upload limit determined? Is there any way to have it increased? I can always upload the files to other hosts, of course, but then after I take another break from Doom modding my links will probably all break again... It would be really great for posters who are releasing lots of maps and mods (not only me!) to not be bound to such a low limit, to help make sure the links stay up.

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I use dropbox, it allows for image hosting, and unless you delete these images from your dropbox they will stay there. The 2 GB of free data volume should be ample to work with.

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I have a paid Dropbox account that I use for sync and backup and all my Doomworld links still died when they stopped supporting the Public folder. I have very little confidence in the garbled "share" URLs that Dropbox produces, after that.

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