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Super Beast

Doom on mobile.

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Is there anyway I can play doom on android without having to use delta touch? Im currently using a gzdoom port but it's really unstable and has sadly been discontinued.

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Well, you answered your own question. There's Delta Touch (which you said you don't want to use- money, I'm assuming?), and there's Freedoom (which I assume you're using now). The only other port is DoomGLES which is buggy, slow, has no advanced features besides over-the-top Doomsday-esque 3D effects, and costs money. I never found anything wrong with the free GZDoom port myself although I did end up switching to D-Touch eventually.

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6 minutes ago, crazyflyingdonut said:

I am still confused as to why you need to pay for it.

Some people, myself included, don't enjoy working for free as much.


7 minutes ago, crazyflyingdonut said:

Is this legal?

Yes, it is legal to sell a product you yourself created. Why would it not be?

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yes, it's fully legal by the terms of the GPL (it doesn't include any game data with it, of course). The main requirement is that source code needs to be available, so in theory you can build Delta Touch for free if you wanted.

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1. Go on the internet and download the .apk for Aptoide on their website (basically an app store with a bunch more 3rd party stuff on it)

2. Search for "Doom"

3. ???

4. Profit


There are a bunch of doom ports on Aptoide that seemed pretty good to me (about 3 or 4 to choose from). They come with the shareware version but you can just copy any wad in the directory that it specifies and you're golden.

There are lots of other stuff on Aptoide that you can get like Wolfenstein 3D, though I'm not sure if it's entirely legal since I think it came with the full game ._.

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Dude, Delta Touch is like $3 or 4, I can't check the exact price since I already bought it.  I'm not sure what the aversion is to paying for it, it's a solid product and runs Doom very well.  The touch screen controls are abysmal, but hook a USB or Bluetooth controller up to it and you're jamming some Doom.  What's not to love?  Shit, if Google Play would let you gift apps to other users I'd get it for you.


There is also this app called Google Opinion Rewards where Google will randomly send you short surveys in exchange for app store credit.  It's pretty quick and easy to build up enough credit to buy the app...maybe try that if you are broke or just cheap.

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