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DM - Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack 2018

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The Christmas Extravaganza Map Pack started in 2010 as a set of Skulltag deathmatch levels with Christmas graphics. The current set of maps are for deathmatch and deathmatch-compatible gamemodes (Last Man Standing, Terminator, etc.).


Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021133.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021208.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021259.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021314.png

Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021411.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021430.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021456.png Screenshot-Doom-20181114-021156.png


While there are plenty of maps in here I'd still like to make a call for new ones or find someone willing to improve to old ones.

This is the latest version and Skulltag content is required

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