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Decorate vs zscript

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So I recently learned about zscript and have peaked into some of the threads about it over at the zdoom forums. As far as I can tell, it does largely the same thing as what decorate does but is simply more powerful, am I right?


What are the major advantages of using zscript rather than decorate for general purpose modding and content creation? What are the perks of using it for things like monsters, weapons, new gameplay elements etc compared to just using good old fashioned decorate? The documentation on decorate is pretty strong where as I could only find limited info on zscript. Would you say making the switch to zscript is worth the hassle at this present moment in time or would I be better of waiting until documentation gets better?

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ZScript is more than just a stronger DECORATE, because DECORATE was limited to just creating actors. ZScript can be used for stuff like menus and HUDs as well as actors. Plus, ZScript is way more flexible- you have if/else statements, loops, global variables, custom properties, etc. It makes implementing a lot of features way less hack-y than they would be in DECORATE (see this thread for an example).


If you're specifically modding for GZDoom you should definitely move to ZScript. If you're worried about ZScript being "too complex" or whatever, I'd say not to worry because the barebones DECORATE-level stuff is practically identical. Converting DECORATE code to ZScript is super simple anyway, it's mostly just putting all of the properties and flags into the Default{} block and adding semicolons to all the lines, except flags. Then, if you come across an issue that's too complex for DECORATE, it won't be an issue. However, if you want to make mods that run in Zandronum, you're obviously gonna want to stick with DECORATE.

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