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Phoenix Speedmusic Session 7- The Pheagles (THEMES ANNOUNCED)

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Its about that time of the month again, that's right, PiSSing time. Well, not right now, rather next Saturday the 24th from 1:00PM to 3:00PM CST as usual. This month @Aquila Chrysaetos wanted to use some of the songs from the sessions in their eagle community project 


So I'm hoping we will see a slightly better turnout this time around so that, you know, they actually have some content they can use lol. And maybe I can learn how to use sekaiju better over the course of this week so I can give an actual midi the first time around this time.


Aaaaaanyway, the rules are the same as they usually are for every session, here they are just to make sure no one forgets (and because making really short announcement posts feels kind of awkward to me):


*You will have 2 hours to write your song + a few minutes to submit it.

*You will get 3 themes to use when writing your song, you can use any number of the themes but You *have* to use at least 1.

*The song must be Boom compatible, so allowed formats are MID, MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT (and any other formats prboom+ might play that i cant think of right now). Tracked formats (.mid/.mod and similar) are preferred over sample ones like mp3 or ogg for size reasons but not required

*When you submit your song make sure you include some basic information like the track name, composition time, daw you used to make the song in, etc. You can submit tracks to either the Discord or on the thread itself, I personally would prefer if you put it in the thread though if possible. Or both places at once, that would be ok too


PiSScord link: https://discord.gg/VYwCRdA

That's all for now, see ya when the time comes :)


(oh yeah PS: I'm still hoping someone will volunteer to host a 2nd session later in the day for people who can't make the first one, if you think you can do it feel free to ask me on the discord)

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Ok guys, it's time, here are the themes for this session:


1. speedy bois, 200+ bpm
2. pick a letter and only use instruments that start with that letter
3. use a lot of arpeggios


There is an exception for theme 2 and that is using midi channel 10 for drums since that is available with all instruments regardless of their name (at least as far as I'm aware) :)

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