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DyingCamel's Demons #2

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DyingCamel's Demons #2 is a community project consisting of 15 maps submitted by the regulars of DyingCamel's Twitch stream https://www.twitch.tv/dyingcamel


The project was open to all skill levels and is structured as a compilation so there is great variation between map types and styles.


16 maps 15 standard, 1 ending
Source Port PrBoom+
IWAD: Doom 2
Difficulty Settings: Yes (varies)


Download V1.00 Release


DyingCamel's Demons #2


Map List


01 - Le Début De La Fin by Ndroidz

02 - Live and Let Doom by Wanderlust

03 - UAC Outpost Breach by SSCminion

04 - Gibs Chess by TheHellgenocid

05 - Roughinery by CornKing "It's clobberin' time"

06 - Scorched Earth by BoleslavLev "Feel the scars of war"

07 - Danse Macabre by BoleslavLev

08 - Conquer Another Galaxy by ChannelGorf

09 - A Happy Little Accident by Kraja "My hate boner for boom is well known and thoroughly documented"

10 - Candles Of Eight by Pinchy "Candles? More like Cand MORE"
11 - The Endless Void by AltimaMantoid "There's no light at the end here"

12 - Moonshrine by MTX1996

13 - Rocky Islands by Dubzzz

14 - Retreat by Benjogami

15 - The Rage Machine by Dubzzz

16 - The End! by Pinchy
























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Yay, I was beginning to think this was never coming out. Although, having watched both John and Camel struggle through Dubzzz maps, I'm expecting my swear box to be overflowing (not that I have a swear box, but you get the idea).

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1 hour ago, mArt1And00m3r11339 said:

What is the music for levels 5 and 8?

5 is "Demo" by Andrew Sega & Dan Gardopée (Unreal Tournament music i believe)

8 is City in the Dark, by the mapper himself, ChannelGorf

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I actually made a video for that fight for Camel since he couldn't beat it either; it just shows up to how to get the BFG. 


Edit: deleted video to free up upload space.


Edited by Bdubzzz : Deleted attached video to free up space.. if someone wants to see it they can message me.

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19 hours ago, DyingCamel said:

uh spoiler tag automatically appeared and i dunno how to remove it :-D

Ctrl-Right-Click on it, and the option to remove it should appear.

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