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Eagle Speedmapping Session 11 RC1... and some clarification.

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1 hour ago, NaZa said:

Known bugs: the sky in Noisy's map doesn't display properly. I'll look into it

I would check if the texture alignment for the skyboxes is all 0:0 on the sky-transfer linedefs, and if that doesn't solve it have a look if the linedefs cover all the required sectors.

Also happy birthday. :P


Edit: Have a birthday tune too:


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14 hours ago, NaZa said:

Known bugs: the sky in Noisy's map doesn't display properly. I'll look into it.

I remember my sky sorta working when I uploaded it; as a custom texture and boom-skytransfer, but with a small tutti-frutti looking thing because maybe I messed up the size by a pixel or something. 

Though in this upload, the sky is just aa-shity skull texture (viewed in prboom+), so there might be some two-fold issues here.  Don't sweat it too much either way.


also feel free to name my map what you'd like.  I don't remember if I actually named it or not.

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Happy birthday!


As somebody who's played almost all the previous Eagle sessions (1-9), I enjoyed playing these while they were a regular thing on here.


I enjoyed seeing and playing creative speedmaps from different people, I enjoyed the whole brief Eagle-Pigeon rivalry thing, and most of all I liked how it gave some newbie mappers a chance to show off their skills via speedmapping and perhaps learn some things for the future. I will attempt to play Eagle 10 and 11 at some point on my Twitch channel to fully honour this series. So thanks for creating this fun series @NaZa!


(also I fully believe that the Eagle speedmapping sessions helped to revive interest in ASS...)

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Thank you, all, for the kind wishes! It's really nice to see it.


12 minutes ago, Walter confetti said:

Great! At when the other eagles sessions been compiled?

Also happy birthday!


I have a plan to re-compile all the sessions, fix bugs (and whole maps in some cases) and release all the wads in a megapack .zip until the end of the year to have a complete archive of all the Eagle WADs, though I'll also re-upload every session (I had uploaded) to /idgames if I see it has to be.

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