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Can you give me your opinion on my website?

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Hey, Doomworld! I'm here today asking for help. I'm currently unemployed, and I made an online portfolio to showcase some of my web design work. So it would mean the world to me if you guys could maybe check it out and give me your thoughts. If you could tell me:


  • First of all: did you like it? what did you think? Is it okay or does it suck?
  • What browser did you used and if you noticed any bugs or weird stuff.
  • Any suggestions you might have regarding the site itself (like "you could change this so it looks better", etc).
  • Any tips regarding site hosting or job interviews or something.
  • Or just any kudos you might want to send my way.


Here's the website in question:


Thanks fo' yo' time!

Edited by Space Boss : No longer need advice or your fool opinion.

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I use Firefox, didn't notice anything weird. It looks really nice. Good bright colours and slick animations. I will say that the message box is looking a bit fucked, what with the white on yellow. It's readable yes, but I strongly dislike white text on yellow planes. Could easily be solved with some outline or something.

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I don't like the color scheme. Yellow and magenta are way too bright to be side by side or contain text. Otherwise it is fine.

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