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Searching for textures !

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Hi all, I am making a map for Unreal Tournament 99 and I strongly need these textures, I know they comes from Doom but I never played this game, 

I have it but in bad quality :




I searched a lot and didn't find. I don't know from wich Doom they are.


I found the "Doom 3 textures for Doom" but they are too much edited in comparaison.


Thanks a lot. It's a huge project and Im ok to show you with pleasure.




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Well, you definitely need to get the Doom 3 game arhcives and extract textures right from the pk3 file.


It's the best solution to get those textures.

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Or maybe donwload wulfen HD texture pack for Doom 3 and see if there are HD renditions of those textures you want in the mod.

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