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How would Gzdoom stack up against games from the 2000's?

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Assuming somebody made a new Doom game that took full advantage of all of Gzdoom's current features (PBR shaders, model support, lighting etc) and then threw it into a time machine and sent it back to the early to mid 2000 era, how well do you think it would have fared against other offerings of the time?


On one hand it would probably destroy very early 2000 era games, but on the other hand Doom 3 was released as early as late 2004 which Gzdoom can't compete with graphically. What is your opinion on this?

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14 hours ago, leodoom85 said:

You'd need a better PC for that time if we take the specs of that time in consideration. Simple.


But what if we look past the system requirements of gzdoom and just compare the games?

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Pacman>Doom 3



I prefer to look with a common sense and in a logical point of view. Besides, you should had clarified that in the OP, don't you think?

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Serious Sam 1 was released in 2001, and it supports massive maps and detail textures, on top of running much better than Gzdoom of current day.


Also, remember the absolutely cumbersome way true 3d objects are handled in Zdoom, things that take lot of reference sectors and trickery are super simple to do even in Quake 1, and Half life, popular at the time, does stuff like moving brushes on top of its lifelike AI, while gzdoom monsters would be chewed out for having hardly improved from 1993.

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