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Phobos invasion: Part II: Trying to stay alive

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UAC Military base, Phobos.

30th of September, 2145.


(Considering Dr. Daniels medical condition, I know you can imagine how he would sound on this tape.)

Scientist Dr. Jason Daniels recording important update about military base status:

"Strange, and horrible creatures poured out from the gateways we had discovered, here on Mars. I can barely speak, so I must be brief about our situation. When those things began to run out of the gateways, we didn't have enough military support in the room, but that wouldn't make any difference. It felt like an army attacked us, over and over again. It felt awful. The creatures are now controlling our base, and has almost killed and slaughtered everything they could find. The UAC trained alot of men and women, to become space marines, after hard training in different kinds of environments, but only a few has survived the invasion of this base. My location is currently in my office, but I know those things will find me sooner or later. I hope that someone that has survived the attacks, will find this tape, and try to send it back to Earth, so they can be informed about this horrible event. But now, I must face the consequences of my and my colleagues actions, but I am prepared for those demons, if I should call them that. This is Dr.Daniels, over and out."

South entrance to military base, Phobos.

30 minutes later.


- Man, did you those f*ckin' freaks!? They butchered every single one of us in there!! They just kept coming, ten by ten damnit.

Yeah, I know, but we gotta face reality now, we're on our own at this point, and we must search for other survivors, that's our top priority, you hear me!?!

- Yes, sir.

Good, I have packed myself with a M30 Combat shotgun, two Desert Eagle. 357 pistols, and two f*cking angry fists. Let me see your firepower, soldier.

- Sir, I only had my pistol when this damn invasion began, and that's all I've got.

Damn, well, you got any clips?

- Yes sir, I've got my five cuties.

Good, we'll need every single bullet, cuz those damn creatures that are looking for us, are pretty mean and strong.

- I understand, sir.

Well, let's get on with it, consider this your worst nightmare, because it's for real this time. Let's begin our search, soldier!

- Yes, sir, moving out, sir!

New York, USA, Earth.

(Meanwhile, in the big city.)


- This is James Fields, reporting live from Park Avenue, New York. It has been two days since the Pentagon has recieved any updates from the military project, taking place on one of Mars moons, Phobos. Rumors are telling us that something has gone wrong, but rumors are not very often, taken seriously.

Secretary of defense, Richard Davidson, is saying in his statement, that this can be caused by several reasons, for example: The base may have encountered minor difficulties sending any signals or messages back to the Pentagon, for further updates on the project.

"We are not sure what has taken place on our military facility, but we will wait one more day, or two, so the UAC base can send any intelligence back to us."

The president has set up a meeting this tuesday, to have talks about the possible situation on the UAC base, located on Phobos. But we can't be sure of anything, at this point.

James Fields, New York.

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look at this:

- Sir, I only had my pistol when this damn invasion began, and that's all I've got.

Now it came into my head, I just found my head character. It's quite obvious that this is Doom talking. I remember a certain line in my readme text manual book ("Story" page), that describes the same thing. Is this BS or am I on to something?

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