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Will uninstalling a previous version of SLADE uninstall the latest version as well?

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I want to uninstall an old SLADE version, and keep the new version.

But, I think that uninstalling 1 SLADE version will also uninstall the other.

Will that happen if I do?

bandicam 2018-11-24 14-44-29-711.jpg

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Assuming that you installed the newer version later than the older version, the registry entries for Slade should point to the newer version. So, you can just delete the old version rather than running the uninstaller.

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If something does not work, why not uninstall all versions of Slade3.

Do not forget to also delete the files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SLADE3.


Then it's simple enough to reinstall the latest version into a dedicated folder,

Drive:\Editors\Slade3, not in C:\Programs.

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