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Doom Wad Help - Legacy of Strife

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I am trying to play Legacy of Strife via Delta Touch (formerly Open Touch).  I placed the TS_LegacyofStrife_v2.0_EX.pk3 into my mods folder as I have with other Doom 2 mods.  When I start the game I get the opening Legacy of Strife screen (see attached) and then when I select new game and skill level, I can see that the weapon I start with is from Strife, however the map is still Doom 2 and not the Strife maps? Dumb question but since this is considered an "add on" do I need it in a certain format (.zip) or maybe another file in order to actually play the Strife levels I can see here in the link below?




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Just received a response from the Delta Touch dev who informed me that you need a copy of strife1.wad in order to run Legacy Strife since there are copyright issues.


Thanks to Beloko for being such a great dev and very responsive to all my questions.  I absolutely love all of his ports he has worked on including Delta Touch.

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