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Operation Sea Wolf = Arctic Wolf Remake + Project Einherjar

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Taking my Arctic Wolf mod to the next level, I'm now recreating the mod from scratch as a new Winter Agent Juno episode, redesigning the original Arctic Wolf maps from the ground up. Includes some bitchin' textures made for me by Jimmy!


Juno is drafted by her government to destroy an enemy operation centered around a stealth submarine which could allow two maniacs to dominate the globe. The mission is somewhat personal for Juno, as one of those maniacs is an old rival with a score to settle.




Don't forget to check out Project Einherjar and Midgard Outlaw as well!

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It's finished! I win Nanowadmo!

8 maps, new bosses, and an ending sequence. Check it out and tell me if anything is broken!

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1 hour ago, elend said:

Will give this a go soon, since it looks quite awesome and interesting!

Make sure to get the latest version. I made a couple last-minute adjustments after posting this. Like I usually do. Unprofessional derptard that i am.

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Just made a download page for the site, and added a gallery with an approximate recreation of all the screenshots on the Arctic Wolf page. Wasn't easy to do, considering how most maps actually combine several of the original map locations into one.





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I've made a few adjustments after playtesting some more, most notably the turrets being immune to blast damage. You'll have to hit them directly to slag them.

Also made the flying valravens a bit weaker so they're a bit less annoying. And added some more health to map02, given the difficulty spike.

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Posted (edited)

Officially released after getting feedback from testers.

I also updated all the Winter Agent Juno mods today:

- All three use the armor/health bonus graphics from Sea Wolf.
- The final confrontation of Midgard Outlaw's 11th map was refined a bit more.
- All three have a new "you found a secret!" sound: random voice clips that give the impression Juno is pleased that you found a secret for her. Mostly added for a touch of humor.
- All three have the homing ability of the smaller enemy rockets removed.
- Sea Wolf has a number of map fixes, like an easier jump here, more level detail there, etc.

- Ruth got a slight makeover in Project Einherjar to better resemble how she looks in the novel series:




So if you ever wanted to binge on the Winter Agent Juno mods, this is a pretty good time to do it.

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