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An EP Per Month

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So I'm running this thing on my site www.lehr.me and on noisebox1.bandcamp.com where I'm putting out one 25-35 minute EP every month from oct 2018 to 2020 so far!

I have a lot of source files ready for finalization for the next two months and I'm more or less waiting to warm up my garage studio with a better heater


So far October 2018 is postmortem and November 2018 is Pendulum. Future releases planned include Somnium (eerie sleep album) Pixels II, Monolith, Promethius, and Zenith, then I'm going to have a suprise full LP in May

Let me know what you think so far! Everything is and will always be free.


My achievements so far are just the OST for Project Warlock if anyone knows what that is that reads this thread, where I clocked 105 tracks. The soundtrack is free with the game on gog.com

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