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Doom Mapping

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I've been playing Doom for years but recently my computer has crashed. My question is, I used to make doom maps on my pc with doom ed back in junior high, but I've found problems creating doors using this editor, I don't have much experience with this in general, but I've had a tad of programming so figuring out an editor should be no problem. Is there a superior WAD editor out there? I'm sure there are many, what's recommended?

Or...can someone tell me how to create doors using DoomED 4.0, it may be a little out-dated. Because I have many what I think would be decent doom maps if i could just figure a way to create them, if someone could point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.

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You should have posted this in the Editing forum.

Well, there's a big list at the Doomworld.com page (the page of these forums).

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