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Unidentified Greg Punchatz Doom 1 monster model

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Apologies if this has been discussed at length sometime in the long past of Doom fandom - I've tried to find any more information but have drawn a blank.


I was just reading this article about Greg Punchatz, who made most of the physical models which were photographed to form the basis of Doom monsters, and came across these two images:




They're not captioned, but are really interesting: They're clearly not of any monster that made its way into the release version of Doom, and Punchatz has had a long career making models for movies, so it might not be related to Doom at all - but it looks very much like a Doom-style monster. In particular, it looks very reminiscent of the weird hybrid Baron of Hell/Cyberdemon monster from the Doom 1 box art (drawn, I assume not coincidentally, by Greg's father Don Ivan Punchatz.)




So, what is it? Is it an alternative idea for the Baron of Hell? Or a rejected early attempt at the Cyberdemon?


Maybe? But, as far as I can tell, Adrian Carmack sculpted the Doom Marine, Baron of Hell and Cyberdemon models out of clay before hiring Greg Punchatz to build the Spider Mastermind, which makes either of those options seem unlikely.


I mean, it could just be a Doom-inspired thing he made for his own amusement for all I know. It's just interesting that it shares so much in common with the strange off-model monsters from the box art that his father drew. I wonder what the story is there.


Does anyone know?

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It looks like it could have been the basis for the original Doom 64 dual rocket launcher Cyberdemon. Unfortunately it was not used either.

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